Speaker Series

Entrepreneurship Speaker Series Presented in Spanish
The monthly Speaker Series features experienced entrepreneurs and other professionals from the local community and beyond sharing their journey and unique personal insight.
About the episodes:
  • Presented in Spanish
  • Livestreamed the third Friday of each month
  • Topics include budgeting, branding, mindset, goal setting, and more

Featured Episodes

From Building the U.S. Power Grid to Building a Tech Startup with Michele Heyward (Presented in English)

Many civil engineers dream of building or designing momentous buildings, bridges or other structures. Michele Heyward was once one of those civil engineers. She spent years managing the construction of the U.S. power grid. In this talk, Michele shared tips about tech entrepreneurship. This event was presented in partnership with the Abington LaunchBox and Berks LaunchBox.
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The Case for Diversifying Local Business Communities with Dan Kimbrough (Presented in English)

Multimedia and content creation company owner, educator, and podcast host Dan Kimbrough led a virtual discussion on the positive impact that can be made in local communities by diversifying businesses. Kimbrough is the longtime owner and president of Park Multimedia. He's also had over a decade of experience teaching media production, content creation, and intercultural communications. and more. He serves on various local boards and councils in the local community.
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How to Turn Your Profession into a Business Success Story with Keila Neris

Keila Neris is a civil engineer who is using social media to create content that promotes quality control in projects. In addition to free online classes, Neris also provides support and training through her YouTube channel. In this webinar, she helped participants pinpoint how to improve their business or business idea by identifying the factors that could turn it into a success.
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The Importance of Image in Entrepreneurship, with Rhodie Lamour

Rhodie Lamour, an author and image consultant specializing in highlighting the authenticity of her clients' style, talked about her expertise in creating personal branding for entrepreneurship. After years in the corporate world as a telecommunications engineer, in 2018 she moved to Montreal, Canada, where she founded Rhodie Lamour, Inc. She is graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology at State University of New York and is an active member of the International Association of Image Consultants.
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