Global Entrepreneurship Week

GEW 2023 - Nov. 13-19
Global Entrepreneurship Week is Penn State's yearly celebration of the innovation achieved when members of the University and the local entrepreneurial communities come together. The weeklong event features free in-person and virtual events geared toward entrepreneurs, students, local startups, innovators, and anyone interested in exploring their potential.
Learn about:
  • Success Strategies
  • Goal Setting
  • Identifying Opportunities
  • International Sales
  • Creativity and Focus

View sessions from GEW 2022

How to Select a Tutor for Your Children While You Are an Entrepreneur with Yanna Yamely Guzman Abreu (Presented in Spanish)

Educator and strategist Yanna Yamely Guzman Abreu shared tips for finding the right support for parents while they are beginning to develop their business or product. This webinar was offered in Spanish only.
Key Dates:
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16

Enrichment - A Success Strategies Business Seminar with Lex Sloot

In addition to being an author and successful business person, Lex Sloot is a classically-trained pianist and an inventor who holds more than 40 U.S. patents. He has a degree in printing, marketing and communications, and has many years of successful manufacturing, publishing, real estate development and business experience, both in South Africa and the U.S. He is the author of two books: The Tools to XEL and Viability - The Essence of Existence.
  • Attendees of this in-person workshop were taught about goal setting, preparation, creativity, focus, and persistence, as well as dealing with adversity and setbacks, how to turn crises into opportunities, successful philosophies for enrichment, new horizons based on positive expectations, and how to increase your value to others.
Key Dates:
  • Thursday, Nov. 17

How to Develop Personal Brand and Reputation of an Entrepreneur with Julia Távarez (Presented in Spanish)

Julia Távarez, an attorney and media professional, shared strategies for creating branding as an entrepreneur. Távarez has extensive experience in business and institutional strategic communication management, public relations and press management with 14 years of experience. As a lawyer she has developed her practice in commercial and corporate law. This webinar was presented in Spanish only.
Key Dates:
  • Friday, Nov. 18

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