Get work done and meet others working to start their own business.
It's time to start hanging out with like-minded people who are looking to build and grow something new.
OPEN CO-WORKING, M-F, 9:00-4:00
  • “Hot desks” on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Conference rooms (video and teleconferencing)
  • Free, high-speed Wi-Fi

Get work done

We are open to anyone who wants to cowork, M-F, 8:00-5:00. Community members are welcome.

Meet others

Whether you’re working solo, have a team, just getting started, or an experienced founder, co-workers tell us this is a great place to meet others working on businesses.

In fact, people have actually met other co-founders here.

Learn from others

Come meet people trying to start businesses in different industries, at different stages, and share your stories.

Founders find that talking with others, starting and running businesses, can be one of the most helpful things they do.

Get expert advice

Starting a business is hard. That’s why we have resources, speakers, programs, and clinics that can help you figure out next steps and avoid common mistakes.

Interested in coworking or have questions? We’d love to hear from you.